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Executive Protection Services

Employer Responsibility to Protect Employees From Violent Acts As the owner of your company, one morning you receive a very disturbing phone call.  The ex-husband of Mary Jones, a long time and very valuable employee, has made a veiled threat on the telephone saying “You had better fire Mary or else.”  You call Mary in […]

Security Guard Liability

Help Overton Security Protect Your Liability It is extremely important that clients understand, for their own liability protection, that security guards unless proprietary, do not work for the client, they work for the security company.  The security company works for the client.  Sometimes clients will get involved with our security guards and start supervising them directly as […]

The Security Guard

Arguably the Worlds Oldest Profession Security guards, while not as appealing, have been around long before the other “oldest profession.”  When Cain went into the land of Nod and started to begat, you can be assured it wasn’t long before they started posting human security guards.  After food and shelter, the security guard became a […]

Honorary Security Guard

Racket Man Our New Honorary Security Guard The saying you never judge a book by its cover is an understatement.  While working as a Security Guard for Overton Security, I was always encountering  numerous unwanted persons, mostly homeless, mentally ill and aggressive panhandlers.  When dealing with these individuals I have learned that you cannot judge them by looks alone.  […]

Direct Access

Imagine…Instant Access to All Security Documentation:  No More Paper The days are gone when Property Managers were burdened with categorizing, filing, and then finding a place to store all the documents that are generated by security providers.  These documents accumulate over a period of time and eventually become a real headache to have to deal […]

Employee Security from Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence & The “General Duty Clause” Workplace violence is any type of violence or threat of violence against you or your employees.  While most violent threats in the workplace are not life threatening or lead to an actual physical attack, there are many other types of threats that may be considered violent.  Threats such […]

Parking Enforcement: There is a Solution.

Residential Parking Enforcement:  There is Only One Simple Answer When a survey was taken by Overton Security of Apartment Managers as to their biggest management headaches, only one topped each list; not surprising, it was our old nemesis “Parking.”   If all vehicles parked in residential communities in the Bay Area were lined up bumper to […]

Security Company in San Ramon

<h2>Finding a Private Security Company in San Ramon</h2> The best security plan only comes together with the final step of finding a private security company in San Ramon. Sit down with a security professional, like one of the experienced staff working through Overton Security, to map out the plan that will fit your unique security […]