Residential Safety Patrol

Residential Safety Patrol: Effectively Servicing Your Customers

A residential safety patrol can help your company effectively service its customers. It is extremely important to meet the needs of your customers. Providing “extras” such as residential security is a nice way to do this and it will be appreciated. When a customer feels like an apartment manager has gone over and beyond, it is noted. Residents want to do business with and live in complexes where they believe their best interests are being served. The opposite is also true. When this type of security isn’t available and a resident’s lease is up for renewal, they are less likely to stick around a complex where they don’t feel looked out for unless they have no other options. It is generally much less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to attract a new one.

A regular residential safety patrol helps to effectively service residents in the following ways. It helps them feel safer, both themselves and their properties. It is a nice bonus (who doesn’t like a great bonus) and lastly, it provides evidence that management cares about their safety and well-being. Below these points will be discussed further.

Residential Safety Patrol: The Benefits

It’s a nice bonus: An apartment complex doesn’t have to offer a residential safety patrol, but it’s a nice bonus and one that will likely be appreciated. This is particularly true if the complex has had security problems in the past. This demonstrates the complex owners are concerned enough when they offer this service without increasing rent.

Helps keeps residents and property safe: Regular residential security is a very good way to help keep residents and property safe. While it is not possible to completely prevent theft and assaults, would-be criminals are less likely to strike at apartment complexes that are regularly patrolled. Even if they choose to target a patrolled complex, they will have less time to do so. Commercial andresidential safety patrols act as a deterrent.

Shows that management cares:  Having a complex’s grounds patrolled on a regular basis is a great way to show that management cares. This can pay off in a major way down the line. A resident not only feels protected, but like the management actually cares about them, is more likely to extend or renew their lease when it comes due, that is if they are satisfied with other aspects of the property. Consumers like to be cared for and cared about. When they are, they tend to respond with loyalty, which bodes well for a business, such as apartment complexes, which depend on lease renewals and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

A residential safety patrol is a nice bonus for apartment residents. It shows that management cares enough to provide a means to help keep residents and property safe.