Vehicle Security Tips From Overton Security

Helping you to stay safe.

The automobile is one of our most prized possessions

and until it is stolen, we don’t realize how much it

really contributes to our daily lives.  Please assist

Overton Security in helping you take charge of

securing your vehicle from theft and vandalism

with these simple but very effective security tips.

Professional car thieves abound, but most vehicles are stolen by amateurs who can easily be stopped with a few sensible precautions.

  • Make sure your windows are closed and your vehicle is locked. Use the key to lock your vehicle, making sure that you take it with you and do not hide a key on your vehicle.
  • Remove all valuables from your car, this includes pull-out stereo face plates, car phones/chargers and do not leave even a small amount of change in view, it’s an offer a desperate thief can’t refuse.
  • Invest in a good alarm system and use it. Seeing a car alarm will deter most burglars and encourage them to seek easier targets.
  • Do not leave your windows open, even a crack, in hot weather. There are certain burglar tools that take advantage of this practice. Instead, use an inexpensive sun shade for your front window.
  • One of the most effective ways to keep your vehicle from being stolen is use a “Club” that locks the steering wheel. They are available in most auto parts stores for a nominal amount. Police Departments highly recommend their use.
  • Always take your transmitters (garage) with you if possible, as well as entry cards to your complex. If you are attending a sporting event or movie, thieves, after stealing your vehicle, will be able to enter your complex and garage and  know they have a set amount of time before you return.
  • Protect valuable tires and rims with locking lug nuts or other locking devises easily purchased at specialty auto parts stores.
  • Never hide a spare ignition key on or in the vehicle. A professional thief will always looks for one. Carry a spare key somewhere on your person.
  • Be aware of high theft vehicles. Contact your insurance company for a list of vehicles most often burglarized or stolen.
  • Thieves take advantage of unlighted areas. Report broken lights to your security provider or management.
  • Participate in your community “Stop Program/Neighborhood Watch” sponsored by your police department. Report suspicious activity and try to give accurate description of persons or vehicles involved.
  • The VIN number is the “DNA” of your vehicle. Etching the VIN number on your window is one of the most effective ways to deter theft.  VIN number etching make the vehicle less valuable to the thief and easier for the police to identify.
  • If you use valet parking, leave just the ignition key with the attendant. Make sure no identifying information is attached to the key.  Do the same when you take your vehicle in for service or a car wash.
  • If you park your vehicle in a fee based parking garage, take the parking ticket with you. By leaving it in your vehicle it becomes the thief’s ticket out of the garage.

Shopping center parking lots are the mothership for vehicle thieves, they enjoy a smorgasbord of choices and know that many vehicles will be unattended for hours.