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Courtesy Security Patrol: Make Sure Your Customers Feel Safe

A courtesy security patrol is sure to make a property owner’s customers feel safe. Apartment complex owners often have a need for security patrols, such as those provided by Overton Security. Because apartment complexes have so many vehicles in a concentrated area, they often attract thieves. Sometimes these thieves will desire to steal cars. Other times they will try to break in and steal things such as cash, change, CDs, radios, CD players and/or whatever else they can manage to grab.

In addition to theft, vandalism can also be a problem. Some people will try to do damage to cars, just because. When any of these occur, property owners tend to feel violated and upset. They want to make sure that the apartment complex is doing everything it can to keep their property safe. If they fail to do so, they may find a slow but mass exodus from their complex. If people have a choice, they won’t renew their lease when the time is up. This is the last thing that an apartment complex will want to deal with. It is always much cheaper to get people to renew their lease than it is to advertise for new tenants. Doing whatever a complex can to ensure that their tenants feel as safe as possible is often well worth the investment.

Courtesy security patrols can take different forms and work a variety of schedules. Some complexes will only need patrolling during the night-time hours. Others will want it during the day and still others, around-the-clock. It will be important for a complex to consider the needs of their tenants and balance that with what they can afford. It may be necessary to do a little digging in order to find a security firm that strikes the right balance between affordability and professionalism.

If an apartment complex decides to make the investment and hire a security firm, they need to make sure that both current and prospective tenants, know it. They can do so by putting up posters around the complex and including this information on all advertisements. Ensuring that the patrol uses marked vehicles is another way to alert tenants to the fact that everything is being done to ensure both their safety and the safety of their vehicles.

A courtesy security patrol can help win points with an apartment complex’s tenants. When tenants feel that the complex is making an effort to secure the property, they will often feel better about living there which means they will be more apt to recommend the place to others. Most businesses understand the value of word-of-mouth advertisement. It is completely free and it holds a lot of weight. The same is true when it comes to bad publicity. If tenants aren’t happy about their living arrangements and they don’t feel that they or their property is safe, they won’t recommend the apartment complex to others. If an apartment complex can’t get things under control, it might find itself suffering from a slow death with people opting not to renew their lease and new tenants failing to take their place. Being proactive or at least responding to problems when they arise is the most effective way to deal with problems, especially those concerning tenant and property safety. To combat potential problems, courtesy security patrols can make your customers feel safe.

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