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Courtesy Security Patrols

Courtesy Security Patrols Can Set Customer’s Minds at Ease

To make customers feel safer and have a more pleasant experience at your place of business, consider investing in courtesy security patrols. These are usually appreciated by customers, which is good for the company. While this is not (yet) an absolute must, still it is an excellent option. Courtesy patrols can be a regular, every-so-many-minutes situation, or they can be randomized, decreasing the likelihood of a criminally-minded person slipping through between patrols.

Even if your business has not previously experienced any issues with untoward or unpleasant individuals, security patrols at an occasional, random interval can keep it that way. People who want to break the rules – or the law – are less likely to choose a place of business that is patrolled, whether regularly or randomly. They will usually choose an easier mark.

A courtesy security patrol indicates to customers that the company is committed to securing the property and protecting the customers. This will encourage customers to spend more time (and money) in your establishment.

Courtesy security patrols can be scheduled to take place during the night, as well as throughout the day. They ensure quick responses to potential criminal activity or security breaches. Full reports are available when the patrol has been required to respond to a situation.

The patrols can communicate with their dispatchers, as well as with law enforcement, increasing the safety of both the patrols and the properties and customers on the properties being patrolled. These patrols can both watch for suspicious activity and help to enforce policies and property regulations. They can enforce parking rules and help eliminate parking issues. They can respond to alarms and noise disturbances. They have GPS location available to verify a patrol’s location at any given time.

Customers can also be tenants, such as in the case of an office building or residential complex of apartments or townhouses. It can mean consumers who shop at a location. Customers can mean patients of a hospital or medical complex, or visitors at a hotel or resort. It can be riders at a bus or train station or airport. It can be students at a school or university. Or it can mean customers at a retail outlet. All of these properties can benefit from courtesy security patrols.

Since the schedule can be decided upon by the business, courtesy security patrols can be set up for any budget. Security is always a wise investment since it helps the customers to feel safe. Businesses understand  happy customers are more likely to tell their friends about their pleasant experiences with your company. Since word of mouth is free and the best advertising, you can consider courtesy security patrols as a significant part of your firm’s advertising campaign.

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