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Differences between Courtesy Security Patrol and Security Guards

There are many similarities between the various types of security personnel that can be hired through companies such as Overton Security. You may not understand the differences between a courtesy security patrol and security guards but there are differences. Continue reading to better understand the differences and learn which type of professional security is best for your needs.

Generally security guards are posted in one area or section of a building or property. You may see a security guard sitting behind a desk watching visitors as they enter and exit the building. They may also be responsible for signing visitors into the building or performing searches of personal belongings. Their exact duties will depend on the needs of the property they are guarding.

Courtesy security patrols, on the other hand, are generally on the move as they help maintain a safe and secure building. They may walk around the property if they are responsible for securing the physical property or they may be seen driving around the entire property especially if the complex has several buildings.

All security personnel, no matter if they are stationary or mobile, must be intimately acquainted with the property they guard. They will be able to recognize the people who are supposed to be in the building as well as notice people who seem out of place. They will know the layout of the property including any possible areas that may be seen as a security risk.

Both types of security personnel will be well-trained, use common sense and good judgment while on the job, and follow the instructions provided by those they are hired to protect. Either type of security may be required to testify in court and will be expected to do so accurately. They are able to take charge of potentially dangerous situations and exact a favorable outcome to the benefit of their employer.

The difference between courtesy security patrol and security guards is in the type of services they offer their clients. Courtesy security patrols are not restricted to one area during their shift but can walk throughout the building to ensure the safety of the people and the property itself. They may appear to offer better protection but that doesn’t mean a security guard doesn’t offer the same benefit. Security guards may stay in one area and monitor the comings and goings of persons in a building, but because they stay in one place, they may be able to notice subtle things that a courtesy security patrol may not.

Is one type of security personnel better than the other? That depends upon your needs. If you have a large complex or building, courtesy security patrols might be a better choice for you. Speak with the professionals at Overton Security; they look forward to discussing your security needs and will explain the differences between courtesy security patrol and security guards and help you determine which best meets your security needs.

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