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Important Things to Know about Live Scan in Fremont

Understanding Live Scan in Fremont can help you make the right choices for your security needs. Creating a solid safety net for your company, employees and customers often start with knowing who is entering the doors. The staff at Overton Security can give you the information about Live Scan that will help you understand its benefits for your overall security system.

Understanding Live Scan in Fremont

  • Live Scan uses computer digitalized fingerprinting to submit information to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for identification purposes.
  • Get the benefits of fingerprinting without the fuss and mess of traditional ink and paper methods. The technology of Live Scan will run the prints electronically avoiding the smudges that were caused by the older methods that could delay identification.
  • The results can be viewed in just a few days. The older method of fingerprinting could take weeks or months. The faster criminal background checks make it easier for you to staff new positions and give clearance for your business. The goal of the DOJ is to process 95% of all digitized fingerprints within three days of their submission.
  • The requirements for using Live Scan are simple but MUST be produced and completed by each person being scanned. All Applicants will need to fill out a request form in order for their fingerprints to be taken and processed. An official governmental photo document will have to be presented as well.

All companies can benefit from doing a background check on the people that regularly enter their facilities. The past processes required sending potential employees and other contacts to another location to be processed. On-site fingerprinting could be done but involved the mess and hassle of ink and paper printing. Either path took longer and might require a repeat processing if smudging occurred originally.

The use of Live Scan helped to clean up and speed up the process. Overton Security can implement the Live Scan system into your security process to help you protect your clients, staff and products. Offices that store drugs, personal data and other sensitive materials can benefit greatly from adding the extra security measure to their system.

A complete security plan can be the key to ensuring your company and the people who utilize your facilities. The staff at Overton Security understands that every level of security added to your plan can help your system run more efficiently. They can help you see how the addition of Live Scan in Fremont can make your security plan complete.

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