Quality Assurance & Accountability Starts With Training

Overton SecurityAt Overton Security, our standard of service begins and ends with being committed to the highest standards of training and supervision of our security guards.  Our security guards must have a be commitment to being professional, competent, responsive and  dedicated to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.   Our training programs focus on training and constantly retraining of our security guards to be prepared to perform the duties they are assigned with confidence.  Our performance standards are the highest in the industry and supported by a multi-tiered evaluation and measurement of our training process.

Overton Security Guard Standard of Conduct

Overton security guards are always expected to:

  • Be friendly, helpful and professional
  • Be a good communicator and listener
  • Check in and perform their assigned duties on time
  • Maintain a neat, professional appearance
  • Understand and successfully execute Post Orders
  • Manage post issues and problems professionally
  • Be aware of, and obey, all laws that govern their conduct
  • Respect cultural diversity
  • Stay alert and be aware of their surroundings

Training at the Highest Level

Overton SecurityOverton Security’s commitment to employee training and development is the foundation that the quality of our Security Guards are based. All training is certified by ASIS, CALSAGA, and the State of California through the BSIS. Every applicant is required to attend pre-assignment training classes and pass a proficiency examination prior to post assignment. Our professionally designed training programs help motivate employees, which results in lower turnover, less absenteeism, and higher standards of performance.  Training has always been of top concern and highest priority for Overton Security, and a large portion of corporate resources is spent in providing continuous training for all Overton employees.

Pre-Assignment Training

Overton Security Guards will be certified by in-house certified trainers in CPR, AED and FIRST AID. All site-specific Security Guards training required by CCSD be conducted by qualified instructors prior to being posted on site.  All officers will be issued Post Orders that outline the specific security duties and requirements of each property along with all subject reference and contact information.  Security Guards will meet with the site assigned Account Manager for a thorough orientation of client expectations.

On-Site Training Supervisor

While pre-assignment training provides a basis, it is only the beginning. Each client’s requirements are unique; so much of the specific training must take place on the job site. Each new security guard is assigned to train with a member of our supervisory staff.  The new security guard works with the trainer until he is proficient in the performance of his duties.

Advanced Training for Certification

Advanced Training is also needed by personnel to develop additional professional skill proficiency leading to testing and certification. Our security guards are required to take refresher course training to acquire added knowledge, and to guard against complacency in job performance. Periodically, Overton’ supervisors use “Task Post Sheets” to test the security guards on their knowledge and execution of a specific duty.  Any security guard who wishes to enhance his knowledge by attending an approved course in security or related subject may request company financial support.

Our Security Officers Training Curriculum Includes:

Administrative and Security Orientation

Legal Authority

Authority of the Security Officer

Rules of Evidence

Conflict Resolution

Protection of the Crime Scene


Company Policy and Procedures

Public Relations

Report Writing

Method of Patrol

First Aid


Fire Prevention

Defensive Driving

Uniform and Equipment

CPR Certified (if required by contract)

Emergency Traffic Control

Welcome to the Overton’ Team

Once the applicant has completed the entry-level training, the results of the final examination will determine whether or not the applicant will be retained. When the applicant does become a permanent employee, his performance is continually monitored and evaluated.

Overton Security provides the most highly motivated, supervised and trained security guards in the industry.