Residential HOA Security Tips From Overton Security

Helping you to stay protected.

While living in an HOA community you must take

on most of the responsibility for protecting your

home and possessions from the criminal element.

Let us assist you intaking charge of your security

with a few simple but effective security tips.

Although many residential HOA communities have a level of security such as a gate house and on-site security, the most effective defense against being burglarized is a neighborhood watch program.

  • Do not give out your vacation schedule to your cleaning lady, landscaper, plumber, carpet cleaner, etc. They may give out this information inadvertently or intentionally to the wrong people. In residential HOA security the most successful burglaries are due to inside information.
  • Do not leave a note on your door or change your answering machine’s or cell’s greeting to relate that you are out of town, and especially do not post this information on Facebook or other social network websites even for a short time.
  • When away, have a trusted neighbor pick up mail and deliveries and ask them to park their car in your driveway, and hive them your key.
  • Periodically recheck your home’s security. Make sure all door and window locks work properly, as well as all security devices you may have installed.
  • A dark house advertises no one is home. Make your home look “lived in” while your away by using timers to turn on and off lights at different times.
  • Burglars don’t want to be seen. Install outside lighting that directly illuminates your home’s entry areas. Trim back shrubbery and cut tree limbs overhanging your property fence.
  • Stop newspaper and mail deliveries or have a neighbor pick them up daily. Remove any hidden keys, as burglars seem to know all the good hiding places. Ask a neighbor to park in your driveway while your away.
  • Provide a relative or good friend with your vacation itinerary and contact information so you can be reached in an emergency.
  • Do not leave valuable items, such as jewelry, in your jewelry box or hidden in your bedroom. Items of monetary or sentimental value should be kept in a safe-deposit box or hidden in a secret place.
  • Mark and keep a list of all property with descriptions, pictures and serial numbers and put an I.D. sticker on your door.
  • Never give the impression that you keep cash around the house, always pay for all cleaning and maintenance services by check.
  • Participate in your community “Stop Program/Neighborhood Watch” sponsored by your police department. Report suspicious activity and try to give accurate description of persons or vehicles involved.
  • Your alarm panel should not be placed near a window where burglars can look in and see if the alarm is has been activated.  Adjust your telephone ring to the lowest volume, an unanswered phone says your not at home.

Burglars always look in the sock drawer but almost never go into kids’ rooms.