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Are References Important When Choosing a Private Security Company in Oakland?

It is important to know with whom you are doing business. That is why you interview new employees. Does it not make as much sense to check out a company who will be responsible for the security of your business, executives, employees and customers?

In years past, communities were smaller and everyone knew each other. You knew the person who owned the corner store, the family who owned the bakery as well as the other business owners. These days, however, people do not stay in one place and new people move into a community.  It is hard to know whom to trust so it is important to check out a company’s references in the same way you would check a prospective employee’s references. The problem is most people do not understand how to do this.

  • Ask any private security company in Oakland or the surrounding area you are considering hiring for a list of references. If they are a reputable company, they should willingly provide the list without hesitation. If you can, get individual as well as business references for which they have provided security services.
  • Take a close look at the list they provide. If they only provide two references, which are common, ask them for a longer list. Business and personal security is nothing to trifle with so it simply makes sense that you would want to be thorough in your review prior to hiring them.
  • Be sure to call all of the references they provide. One business may give a glowing reference but the next one you call may not offer as high of a reference. The same could be true of individuals for whom the private security company provided security. Having multiple references available will help you be sure to determine which references are more accurate.
  •  Look into the private security company’s professional designations. Are there national security organizations in which they are members? Do they belong to the Better Business Bureau? It is important to verify that they remain in good standing in whichever organizations they have a membership.
  • If you contact the Better Business Bureau, ask them to provide a thorough description and documentation related to any complaints against the private security company in Oakland. Be sure you find out if the issues were resolved and how they resolved them.
  • Check the company’s website; they may provide references or testimonies there. Try to verify as much as you can that is on the website. Scammers can create a professional looking website for a small amount of money so it is important not to let the website fool you. If something seems to be off, trust your instincts and keep looking.

If your company has decided to hire a private security company, you want to be able to trust that they will do what they say they will do and that you can literally trust them with your livelihood and life. If the private security company in Oakland balks at your request for references or gives them to you hesitantly, perhaps they are not a company you would want to entrust. References important when choosing a private security company in Oakland!

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