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Security Guard in San Jose

Increase Your Building Security with a Security Guard in San Jose

As a business owner, you may wonder how you can increase your building security with a security guard in San Jose and whether or not it would be cost effective to do so. With businesses facing theft and other crimes on their property, having a security guard in San Jose business simply makes business sense. Discover how an on-site security presence can increase your building’s security.

Obviously, some San Jose businesses will be more of a target for crime than others will. Banks, retail stores, pharmacies, doctor’s offices and convenience stores may have more crime than an office building that does not handle money. However, any business can be a target if the perpetrator feels he or she has something to gain.

Hiring a security guard in San Jose business may prevent crime, assist employees and customers and maintain security. A business owner will want to review the benefits of having on-site security prior to deciding if they need a security guard.

  • Prevention – Having an on-site security guard can be a deterrent to crime in your business. A thief will think twice before deciding to ‘hit’ a business with a uniformed security guard in plain view. Since the security guards offered by Overton Security are highly trained to look for suspicious activity, they will be able to recognize potential problems and react appropriately if there is a security breach. Potential criminals will understand that you are serious about the security of your business.
  • Customer Service – For office buildings, a security guard may act as a customer service ambassador as well as screening people who enter the premises. You may also request that a security guard escort customers or employees to their vehicles after dark as an added measure of security. Having security on-site communicates that your business is customer-oriented and secure.
  • Maintains Security – Customers, clients and employees appreciate the peace of mind they get working with businesses who take their security seriously. In fact, reports state employees are more productive when there is a security presence. Customers know you are concerned with their safety and will be more willing to frequent your business because they feel safe. Having on-site security guards may be particularly useful in high-crime areas or if your business deals with high-end merchandise.

When choosing to hire a security guard in San Jose, you will want to decide what services they will perform if there is a crime. They could take down details of the crime and then defer to the local police or they may detain the suspected person until the police arrive. You would also need to decide if you prefer the security guard to be armed or not.

You may also want the security guard to monitor surveillance video, restrict access to specific areas, check credentials or perform a vehicle security round from time to time. You will want to know the specific security tasks the guard will perform on a daily basis. Consider how much time and effort having a security guard in San Jose business will reduce the security responsibility from your shoulders and allow you to concentrate on your job.

The time to decide if hiring security makes sense for your business is before there is a need. You can see there are specific benefits associated with increasing your building security with a security guard in San Jose. Overton Security is available to discuss your security needs with you.

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