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Security Guard Liability

Help Overton Security Protect Your Liability

It is extremely important that clients understand, for their own liability protection, that security guards unless proprietary, do not work for the client, they work for the security company.  The security company works for the client.  Sometimes clients will get involved with our security guards and start supervising them directly as to what they want them to do or not do, many times asking them to do things that are not in their job description.  This can become a liability nightmare for the client as well as the security company.  Contracting with an outside company to provide security guards for your property limits your exposure to liability.  If the security guard does something that is an actionable event on your property and a lawsuit is filed, your defense is simply that you hired a duly licensed security contractor and have had no roll in the hiring, training or supervision of the security guards posted to your property.  If you have been supervising the security guards, you can be held to have taken responsibility for their actions.  Also, by supervising the officers they feel they have the ear of the client and tend to forget who signs their checks. There are security guards who are good guards but not very good employees.  As a security company, we must deal with them as a security guard for the benefit of our client as well as an employee of Overton Security.   If, as a client, you feel the security guard is not performing as expected or you wish to add duties, temporary or permanent, just give us a call and we will make the changes you requested immediately.  The limited liability protection from the actions of the security guard should be very important in the decision to hire an outside security contractor.   This will also help protect the liability of the security company by not allowing the security guard to perform duties he was not trained or qualified for and not part of the job description.  –Sandy Overton 

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