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Security Guarding Companies

Do security guarding companies have the Right Stuff?

If you or your business chooses to hire one of security guarding companies in your area, you may wonder if they have the ‘right stuff’ to be guarding you. Having a security presence is increasingly important and the security industry continues to grow each year. It is important, however, to know that the security officers have the proper training and experience to do their job right.

Security personnel are usually first responders when there is an emergency at a business. They are ready and able to protect the businesses’ investments and property. They enforce company rules and act as law enforcement on the property. They often deter criminal activity and dissuade problems. They can be a vital part of your company.

What or who will security guarding companies protect? Answering this question tells you what the security officer’s responsibilities will be. Will they control the entrance to the building? If they do this, they will likely sit at a stationary desk and watch people as they enter or leave the building. They may be required to check the contents of bags, briefcases or backpacks, depending upon your company’s business. They may act as crowd control when necessary or provide directions. They will be visible so those considering illegal activities will think twice. You may also want them to patrol the building by walking around the perimeter or inside the building to be sure things are secure.

If the security officer will be responsible for protecting someone, called a principle in the business, the duties will be entirely different. Will they be stationed outside the person’s office or will they only be called upon when their principle is traveling? What hours will they be in service? All of these are things to consider before hiring a security officer.

How much protection do you need? Depending upon your business, you may not want or need to have an armed security officer on the premises. Do you want the security officer to be uniformed or will a plain clothed officer server your purposes? You will also want to decide if the security officer will be on the property for others to see, or will they be sequestered in a room watching video camera feeds?

Each company will have to choose what level of security it needs. Things to consider include what is budgeted for this protection and how you can get the most security for the money you have allotted. Do some research and find out what type of security guarding companies  are available in your area. Call several of them and discuss your security needs. They should be able to provide you with an estimate either over the phone or via mail or fax.

Whom will you hire to perform these tasks? It is important that, whether you hire security guarding companies  or hire a security officer directly, you interview each candidate personally. You want to be sure they understand your needs and will be able to protect you as necessary. Obviously, using a one of the security guarding companies means they have already run a background check, they know the officer is bonded and that they have the necessary training. Another advantage of hiring Security Guarding Companies is that they can replace an officer if it becomes necessary.

Once you have decided that you want to hire one of the security guarding companies in your area to guard your business or yourself, it will be helpful if you have answered these questions. Then, do yourself a favor and take your time. The security officer with the right stuff to guard you is out there, but may take a bit to find them.

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