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Security Guards For Concord, CA

Choosing Unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA Businesses

Many companies or private parties prefer to avoid the legal and personal issues that can come with firearms when hiring security guards. What are the reasons for choosing unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA businesses? There are a variety of reasons to examine and consider.

Insurance liability is one of the biggest reasons that cause people to choose unarmed security guards. Most insurance companies offer discounts for having security, but the premiums will often go higher if those guards are armed. Therefore, it is often in their best interest to choose unarmed security guards.

Another related reason is cost. It is generally more expensive to hire armed security guards than to choose unarmed. Unarmed guards usually have training that is similar, in defense and handling situations, but without the liability, allowing for a lesser rate when hiring. This makes unarmed security much easier on the budget.

Another good reason to choose unarmed security guards is that many places do not allow firearms, but still need to be protected. Unarmed security guards are good choices for schools and churches, museums and art galleries, parks and parking lots, as well as other places where firearms are not preferred or are prohibited.

Since unarmed guards wear uniforms, but do not carry weapons, they are still a deterrent for most criminals while being perfectly safe for everyone else. Usually, unarmed guards are trained in self-defense and the defense of others in ways that do not include dangerous weapons. They do carry communications equipment that can be used to notify authorities or emergency personnel in case of a situation in which their training is not sufficient.

Unarmed security guards are just as effective as armed guards in most situations, and more effective in some. With armed security guards, there is a concern regarding being caught in crossfire if they need to use their weapons, which won’t be necessary unarmed guards. Unarmed guards can often blend in with the other participants in an event, giving them access to intelligence and proximity to the activity. Unsavory characters cannot steal weapons from the guards, since they do not carry them, and cannot provoke them to use firearms in a manner dangerous to others, since they do not carry firearms at all.

Unarmed security guards can be hired to mingle, as mentioned above, but they can also do other security jobs. They can operate surveillance cameras. They can keep in contact with each other at all times, as well as with dispatchers and emergency personnel when needed. They can control many types of scenarios that could otherwise become hazardous. These are some of the many reasons for choosing unarmed Security Guards For Concord, CA businesses.

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