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Security Guards in Oakland

Security Guards in Oakland Businesses Help with Loss Prevention

How important is it to have Security Guards in Oakland businesses? If you own a retail store, security guards can help with loss prevention by posting plain clothes and undercover security officers in your store. Learn more about the benefits of having a security guard on site.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention states that shoplifting costs retailers $13 billion annually. Unfortunately, law enforcement only catches about 2 percent of shoplifters. Ultimately, the effects can be serious for retailers. They also state that one in every three new retail businesses fail because the effects caused by shoplifting.

Shoplifting adversely affects a retail business but also affects the consumer. Not only is there loss of the item, which the retailer will have to replace, but the cost of everything being sold will increase because they have to pass the cost of those items to the consumer. Consumers may become upset about the higher prices and choose to shop elsewhere.

Larger retailers may be able to absorb a small amount of shop lifting, or shrinkage, because they have a larger inventory. They can sell items at a lower price because they sell higher volumes of items. Smaller retailers, however, do not have as large an inventory so when an item is shop lifted, it must pass the cost onto consumers.  Overton Security can provide the right Security Guards in Oakland to help with loss protection.

Having Security Guards in Oakland businesses could cut down on these losses. Although the cost may seem high for a smaller business, can they really afford NOT to beef up security if it reduces or eliminates the losses from shoplifting?

How would a retailer best utilize a security officer? Consider the following:

  • They could post a security guard in a back room to watch the shop floor via security cameras. If a shoplifting incident occurs, they are already on-site and can apprehend the suspect.
  • A plain clothed security guard may stay on the shop floor, walking around as if they were a customer, all the while keeping an eye on customers.
  • Uniformed security guards may also be visible in a store, standing near the cash registers or the entrance so they are ready to apprehend a would-be shoplifter as they try to leave the building.
  • Some stores have even resorted to having handbags and backpacks checked to cut down on shoplifting. A security guard may perform this task, as well.

It does not matter what method is used to catch a would-be thief, retailers have begun prosecuting shoplifters to the fullest extent allowable by law. Their hope is that prosecuting a first-time shoplifter will deter others who may be considering this act.

Loss prevention security guards will be responsible for being present during the store opening and closing. They will work closely with local law enforcement and complete daily reports. The security guard will receive training to look for suspicious looking people as well as how to detain them if needed.

If your retail business is concerned about shoplifting, security guards can help with loss prevention. Consider the overall cost of shoplifting on profits and you may decide hiring Security Guards in Oakland for your business really does make financial sense.

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