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Security Guards Sacramento: Should They Be Armed?

Security guards Sacramento – When you have a need for security guards in Sacramento, there is one major decision that must be made: do you want armed or unarmed security? While this may seem like a simple question, the ramifications and advantages of either decision should be considered.

An armed guard is trained to handle situations without deadly force whenever possible, but has the added advantage of a weapon for a show of force if needed. While an armed guard is often considered a greater liability, due to its potential, it is also true that it is better to stop a crime than report on it after the fact. Most armed guards never have to use their weapons because just having them deters criminals from attempting to commit a crime in their vicinity. All armed guards must have the proper credentials to carry weapons in the state in which they work.

Both armed guards and unarmed guards have had background checks and extensive training in several areas, including but not limited to first aid, crime scene handling, and protection of people and property. They know self-defense techniques, some degree of law enforcement knowledge, and identification assessment. They are trained to be respectful, but firm.

An unarmed guard may be sufficient in many situations. Small gatherings, for instance, can often be controlled well with uniformed guards whether they are armed or not. An unarmed officer can be a deterrent to criminal activity simply by being present. When a security guard is uniformed and alert, his vigilance can be sufficient to keep things in order and safe. It is also less expensive to hire an unarmed security guard, due to the reduced potential for violent reactions. The insurance costs for an unarmed guard are also less in most cases.

These officers can patrol on foot or in a vehicle throughout their time at the location, and all security guards have equipment to facilitate communication with each other and, usually, a dispatcher or office. They are trained to keep in contact at all times and to be watchful to stop any potential issues before they get a foothold. Unarmed guards are generally screened, resulting in physically fit, well-prepared uniformed guards. Using unarmed guards will give your event a more relaxed atmosphere at a lower cost. The guards will still patrol, observe, and report.

Unarmed security guards can protect certain items (such as by standing near a rare or valuable collectible item) or people. They can identify threats and jump on a situation before it gets out of control. They can also call for armed backup from law enforcement when necessary. Either way, when you hire security guards in Sacramento, the choice of whether they should be armed or unarmed is up to you.

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