Overton Security maintains one of the largest security patrol services in Northern California. All vehicles are late model highly marked, with amber lights designed for high visibility. Each vehicle is equipped with GPS, CCTV event recorders and Exsignia technology.  Overton’s vehicle patrol services will conduct random security patrols through your property.  Our security guards will provide parking enforcement, lock/unlock common areas, responds to resident complaints while discouraging unauthorized and criminal activity.  All officers will be trained  for site specific duties specifically trained for gate access, traffic control, parking enforcement and tenant or vendor response.


Overton Security patrol vehicles are equipped with “MobilDVR” an event data recorder mounted behind the rear view mirror that will document in real-time video and audio of extraordinary events or suspicious activity on your property.  DriveCam video will reduce liability and offer accountability to our customers.


Our security patrol officers will enforce parking policies and rules for each property.   We will be able to print citations on-site, and generate Citation Reports by intermediately uploading information and photographs for each validation.  All Citation Reports will be available for review on a dedicated security web portal we provide our properties.


Utilizing the latest mobile GPS and NFC technology we can provide instant monitoring and alert notifications to our security vehicle patrols in real time.  Response times to alerts, events or calls for assistance is significantly increased by the capability of our operators, at a glance, to dispatch the closest security patrol vehicle to cover the incident.