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Security Vehicle Patrol in San Ramon Makes You Safer

Adding security vehicle patrol in San Ramon is one more way to make your business and your community safer. Many neighborhoods are moving beyond the traditional watch program of volunteers. They are considering the added security of a professional company. The staff at Overton Security has the experience and the knowledge to help you plan and execute the right security vehicle plan for your area.

Understanding Security Vehicle Patrols

All private security vehicle patrols in San Ramon will be permitted through the state. The state has guidelines that help ensure the quality of the protection that the company will be providing.

The uniforms and vehicles of the private security will be easy to distinguish from federal, state and local law enforcement and other government agencies. It is important that people recognize the private security, but that they also realize the difference between them and law enforcement officials.

The word PRIVATE will appear on the vehicles used for patrol at least four inches in size. This is one more feature that will help set the private patrols apart.

Know the Actions of Security Vehicle Patrols

Security vehicle patrols in San Ramon serve as deterrents. They have limited enforcement capabilities but may be authorized by the company or community to issue citations or other notices. In some circumstances private security may need to take action in the form of a citizen’s arrest. Personnel should be trained in the proper way to follow the procedures.

Many companies do not arm patrols with all of the latest technology. Recording equipment helps maintain accurate records of all that goes on during the patrols. Computer technology can also aid in checking notes on residencies, vehicles or other items that may have been recorded by the company or the community that employs the private security patrol.

Investing in private security can give you the added comfort you need to feel secure in your situation. There are some limitations to what private security personnel are allowed to do, but their presence can offer a deterrent to would-be criminals. The recording devices and radios make it easy to contact the local law enforcement.

Private security also makes a statement with their uniforms and vehicles. They may be easy to distinguish from law enforcement but they still make a strong statement that the area is being monitored. You may find some comfort for feeling safer when you invest in security vehicle patrol in San Ramon.

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