Shopping Security Tips From Overton Security

Helping you to stay protected.

While enjoying Americas greatest pastime, you can be

easily distracted with all it offers, this distraction is

exactly what criminals are looking for.  Your safety

and security is important to us.  Please assist Overton

Security in helping you take charge of your security by

following our security and safety tips while shopping.

All retail centers have parking lots, and this is where most crimes are committed, the best defense is always staying alert to your surroundings.

              • Do not leave your vehicle windows open even a crack in hot weather. Lock your vehicle with the key and make sure all doors are locked and windows up. Put your key in a pocket not your purse and take special note of where you parked.
              • Avoid parking your vehicle in unlighted isolated areas and stay in view of other shoppers leaving or returning to their vehicle, the closer the better. Carry a small siren or whistle or pepper spray on the master key ring and have your key out and ready your key ring can also serve as a weapon.
              • Keep your shopping bags in sight at all times and don’t burden yourself with too many bags or packages. Shop with friends or family when possible and walk with confidence and always be alert.
              • Avoid putting purchased items in your trunk and returning to the mall, thieves will sit in parking lots looking for this opportunity.
              • Always keep your purse as close to you as possible, do not leave it on a counter, on a restroom floor or in a dressing room.
              • If you see suspicious persons or vehicles hanging around the area that are out of place or don’t seem to have a purpose, go to the nearest store and have them contact security.
              • Avoid carrying your wallet in your purse or back pocket. Keep it safe in an inside pocket if possible, and do not carry your social security card on your person.
              • Know the make and model of your vehicle and most important write down your license plate number and keep it with you.
              • Do not display large amounts of cash, use checks or credit cards to buy high ticket items whenever possible. Never leave your credit card on a store counter, hand it to the clerk and take it from the clerk. It is also advisable to require your Drivers License as an ID before using your credit or ATM cards.
              • If you are parked in an isolated area and see nobody else around and feel uncomfortable go back into the mall and ask that mall security escort you to your vehicle.
              • If you have vehicle problems, lock yourself in your vehicle and use your cell phone to call for assistance, or return to the mall and notify security.
              • If you purchase a gift card watch the transaction carefully, if suspicious, go to another register in the same store and re-check the balance.

Shopping center criminals like isolation, lone victims, good escape routes and no witnesses, take away these advantages and they will seek easier targets.