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What to Expect from Security Guards in Oakland

Security has become a top issue and when it comes to security guards in Oakland you need to know what to expect. The number of companies that provide private and corporate security protection seems to be at an industry high. Unfortunately all security companies are not created equal. Overton Security has been serving the community since the late 1990’s. Their staff will help you understand your needs and what you can expect when it comes to hiring security.

Top Qualifications for Security Guards in Oakland

  • Understanding in the up-to-date policies and procedures of the companies and individuals receiving protection.
  • Continued training for all security guards that keeps them aware of technology, techniques and even paperwork.
  • Meeting of certification and licensing requirements for all employees.

Common Services of a Security Company

  • The monitoring of activity in a company or around the company may be done with the use of cameras, through patrols or a combination of the two.
  • Exits and entries are also monitored either by a person check or through the use of scanners. This may also include searching through lunches, bags or simply reminding employees or guests to put their badges on in a place that is easily visible.
  • Security guards in Oakland may also act on any suspicious activities or behavior through recordings or other means necessary. They may also step in to prevent certain activities that are prohibited in or around the company (such as photography or even recording).
  • Performing of background checks has almost become standard practice for companies.
  • Security guards in San Jose are trained to observe and report on any incident or offense that occurs while they are on duty.

It is important to remember that security guards are NOT peace officers. Many receive the same, or similar, training and even hold similar jobs. Being a security guard comes with a great deal of responsibility. Overton Security is determined to maintain the top security guards in their employment.

There are certain jobs you can expect when it comes to employing private security. You will have someone that can help monitor situations and even report on any incidents that might occur. Security companies will be able to help with background checks of potential employees, current personnel and even visitors to the company. In the end, security guards in San Jose are brought into the situation to help be a preventative measure to ensure against any problems or incidents.

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