Benefits of Executive Security Services

Investing in executive security services can help ensure the safety of your business and also your employees. The staff at Overton Security can provide the programs and equipment that you need to meet all of your security concerns and fit your budget requirements. They also have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of making the right security plan for your needs.

Understanding the Benefits of Executive Security Services

  • Receive the protection that can help neutralize threats before they become an issue for your company or employees. Companies, like Overton Security, have the training and equipment to analyze situations and recognize those that could escalate into a problem.
  • Get the specific coverage that is necessary for your company. The right risk analysis can help set out a security plan to manage the risks.
  • Set up a system for conflict resolution that will be discrete and based on sound judgment developed through training and experience.
  • Receive a specific plan developed for your facilities that will provide the necessary enforcement. Include specific duties for gates, traffic control and even parking enforcement.
  • Rest in the knowledge that you have invested in proactive protection equipped with well-marked and easy to identify uniforms and service vehicles.
  • Obtain the protection that will ensure the safety of executives and other key personnel.
  • Get assurance that potential trouble (like issues with downsizing or terminations) will be handled by individuals trained for the situations.
  • Acquire assurance that facilities will be watched and monitored by uniformed personnel with training and experience in the security industry.
  • Lose the fear of the unexpected by relying on the technology, training and expertise of a company like Overton Security.

The world has changed a lot over the last several decades. Security has become a priority for many companies. It is not just about protecting secrets, but now the security of employee has come to the forefront of the situation. Businesses are recognizing the importance of investing in broader security measures.

The right security plan should include programs that will protect your employees in the facility and also provide protection to key personnel even away from the site. Choose a security company that has established a positive reputation in the industry for executive security. Taking time to understand the benefits of executive security services can give you the guidance to choose the right company for your needs.

Questions to Ask Your Security Company in Sacramento

There are many questions to ask your security company in Sacramento to ensure that you are getting the protection that you need and all that you want as well. The staff at Overton Security has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process of choosing the right security for your situation.

Top Questions to Ask Your Security Company in Sacramento

1. What does my investment purchase? Some companies only lease the equipment that gets installed at your property. Others will sell you the equipment and even if you no longer have monitoring through that company the equipment will remain on premises. Knowing if you will own the equipment or lease the equipment will help guide you in the decision of what security company fits your needs.

2. How does your monitoring system work? You want to know where the call centers are located and if they will remain open 24 hours a day. It is also important to talk about how the call centers handle emergency calls including the typical amount of time it takes to contact the local police. Find out how the security patrols will handle any situations.

3. What type of training do the security workers receive? You will want to choose a company that keeps the employee training up to date. The right company will offer classes that meet and exceed the requirements for all state licensing requirements.

4. Who do you employee to provide the security? Choose a company that has a screening process that will help evaluate employees and ensure that you will be well-protected. The security offices at Overton Security go through an extensive process that includes drug screening and criminal background checks.

5. What will the officers and vehicles look like? You want the protection that you are provided to have uniforms and specially marked vehicles that will be easily recognized.

6. What is the history of the company? Find out how long the company has been in business. Also ask for references from other current and past clients. Overton Security started out as a family owned business and has continued to grow and expand into one of the largest security companies in the region.

Investing some time into choosing a security company will help you find the one that will fit your needs and your budget. Knowing the questions to ask your security company in Sacramento can make the search a little easier.

Secrets to Finding a Security Company in Oakland

Finding a security company in Oakland can be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to protecting your family and your property. All security companies are not created equal. You will want to find the one that meets your needs and also meets all of the licensing and training requirements of the government.

The staff at Overton Security will be happy to walk you through their procedures and facilities so that you can get a first-hand look at how they will provide the protection that you desire. The more information you can gather the easier it will be to ensure that you get the right security to fit your needs.

Four Secrets for Choosing a Security Company in Oakland

  1. Know what you need – Make a list of questions you have about security and how those concerns will be met.
  2. Get to know the company – Visit the facilities of the different companies you are considering. Tour the facilities to see how things are run and what on-site training is provided. Ask to visit them on the job to see how they put their procedures into action. Be sure to jot down any other questions which might come up while you are making your visits.
  3. Set up a meeting – Interview the management with the list of questions that you have created. Ask to talk to some of their employees as well. Make sure it is okay to write down answers that you get from the different individuals.
  4. Sum up your experiences – Review the notes that you made and the different answers that you received while on your visits with the security companies. Put a rating of the company on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best) for your overall feelings about the experience and expertise of the security company. You will also want to rate them based on your own experience in working with the company during the reviews.

Use the above information to guide you in your security decisions. The more information you gather about the companies the easier it will be to narrow down the choices. You want a security company that has all of the training and experience, but you also want a company that you can work with to meet your security needs. Choosing a security company in Oakland starts with investing your time and energy into learning all that is possible about your options.

Important Things to Know about Live Scan in Fremont

Understanding Live Scan in Fremont can help you make the right choices for your security needs. Creating a solid safety net for your company, employees and customers often start with knowing who is entering the doors. The staff at Overton Security can give you the information about Live Scan that will help you understand its benefits for your overall security system.

Understanding Live Scan in Fremont

  • Live Scan uses computer digitalized fingerprinting to submit information to the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for identification purposes.
  • Get the benefits of fingerprinting without the fuss and mess of traditional ink and paper methods. The technology of Live Scan will run the prints electronically avoiding the smudges that were caused by the older methods that could delay identification.
  • The results can be viewed in just a few days. The older method of fingerprinting could take weeks or months. The faster criminal background checks make it easier for you to staff new positions and give clearance for your business. The goal of the DOJ is to process 95% of all digitized fingerprints within three days of their submission.
  • The requirements for using Live Scan are simple but MUST be produced and completed by each person being scanned. All Applicants will need to fill out a request form in order for their fingerprints to be taken and processed. An official governmental photo document will have to be presented as well.

All companies can benefit from doing a background check on the people that regularly enter their facilities. The past processes required sending potential employees and other contacts to another location to be processed. On-site fingerprinting could be done but involved the mess and hassle of ink and paper printing. Either path took longer and might require a repeat processing if smudging occurred originally.

The use of Live Scan helped to clean up and speed up the process. Overton Security can implement the Live Scan system into your security process to help you protect your clients, staff and products. Offices that store drugs, personal data and other sensitive materials can benefit greatly from adding the extra security measure to their system.

A complete security plan can be the key to ensuring your company and the people who utilize your facilities. The staff at Overton Security understands that every level of security added to your plan can help your system run more efficiently. They can help you see how the addition of Live Scan in Fremont can make your security plan complete.

Executives Deciding on Security Companies

Executives that are trying to decide between security companies have a lot to consider. Safety has become an important part of developing a business. Customers and employees want to know that they are secure in and around the business. The staff at Overton Security can help you review your needs and develop the right plan for your company.

Tips for Deciding on Security Companies

  • Take some time to visit other companies that are of a similar size or niche as yours. Seeing their security in work can help you decide more about what you want and what you might need from a security company.
  • Use the internet to search out information when deciding on security companies. The internet makes it possible to look at complaints and praises that have been written about different security companies. You may also find out information about security techniques that could help your company and make it easier to choose the right security company for your needs.
  • You will want to take time to visit the security companies and talk to them about their specific contracts and services. Be sure to ask for references when you are visiting. It is always a good idea to ask for a reference where there was a problem so that you can find out how the company rectified the issue. Make a note about how the security company’s representatives listen and engage you in conversation. Hiring a security company will be an on-going relationship and you want to choose a company that you will be able to work with along the way.
  • Talk to local law enforcement in your community. The security company that you choose will need to have a solid working relationship with the area police. Make an appointment with an official of the law enforcement community to discuss the different security companies in the area.
  • Understand the needs for your business. A checklist of wants and needs help you look through all of the different security companies in your area to find the right match for your business.

The safety of your business should be a priority. It will help your customers and your employees feel secure. Understanding the services that are offered and the needs of your company can be the first steps in creating a solid security plan. Executives responsible for deciding on security companies will want to invest some time and effort in order to find the right fit.

Choosing Security Vehicle Patrol in San Mateo

A few simple steps can help you find the right security vehicle patrol in San Mateo. You will want a company that has the experience and training to meet all of your concerns and requirements. The staff at Overton Security has been working with a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 companies to the smaller, regional shop. They will help you discover what security plan will work best for your budget and requirements.

Tips for Finding Security Vehicle Patrol in San Mateo

  • Take some time to plan out what concerns you have when it comes to the security for your company. You will need to know exactly what you want from the security before you begin talking to different security companies.
  • Talk with other companies in your industry or in your area. See which security companies they have worked with (for good, bad or worse). Word of mouth is often the best endorsement you can get when looking for security vehicle patrol in San Mateo.
  • Tour the security company that you are considering for your patrol needs. Talk to the staff, the security personnel and review the different tools they utilize to ensure the safety of the areas where they patrol.
  • Test their system by visiting some of the locations where they are already in operation. You can get a feel for how their staff works in an actual security environment and if those techniques will fit well in your work location.
  • Try out the company before you sign on for a long term agreement. A short term contract will let you know if you have found the right company and if you will be able to work together as your company moves into the future.

The answers to all of your security needs are only a few steps away. Knowing your security needs will help you begin the process of finding the right company to meet those needs. Doing some research on the security company that you are considering will help you narrow down the process.

It is also important that you check to be sure that the staff working for the company is fully licensed and the company is insured. The safety of your company and your employees may come down to the decision that you make. It is important to invest the time and effort into finding security vehicle patrol in San Mateo that will give you the safety that you seek.

Vehicle Patrol in San Ramon

Vehicle Patrol in San Ramon

Security Vehicle Patrol in San Ramon Makes You Safer

Adding security vehicle patrol in San Ramon is one more way to make your business and your community safer. Many neighborhoods are moving beyond the traditional watch program of volunteers. They are considering the added security of a professional company. The staff at Overton Security has the experience and the knowledge to help you plan and execute the right security vehicle plan for your area.

Understanding Security Vehicle Patrols

All private security vehicle patrols in San Ramon will be permitted through the state. The state has guidelines that help ensure the quality of the protection that the company will be providing.

The uniforms and vehicles of the private security will be easy to distinguish from federal, state and local law enforcement and other government agencies. It is important that people recognize the private security, but that they also realize the difference between them and law enforcement officials.

The word PRIVATE will appear on the vehicles used for patrol at least four inches in size. This is one more feature that will help set the private patrols apart.

Know the Actions of Security Vehicle Patrols

Security vehicle patrols in San Ramon serve as deterrents. They have limited enforcement capabilities but may be authorized by the company or community to issue citations or other notices. In some circumstances private security may need to take action in the form of a citizen’s arrest. Personnel should be trained in the proper way to follow the procedures.

Many companies do not arm patrols with all of the latest technology. Recording equipment helps maintain accurate records of all that goes on during the patrols. Computer technology can also aid in checking notes on residencies, vehicles or other items that may have been recorded by the company or the community that employs the private security patrol.

Investing in private security can give you the added comfort you need to feel secure in your situation. There are some limitations to what private security personnel are allowed to do, but their presence can offer a deterrent to would-be criminals. The recording devices and radios make it easy to contact the local law enforcement.

Private security also makes a statement with their uniforms and vehicles. They may be easy to distinguish from law enforcement but they still make a strong statement that the area is being monitored. You may find some comfort for feeling safer when you invest in security vehicle patrol in San Ramon.

Finding the Best Security Guards in Sacramento

Getting the best security guards in Sacramento is important when it is the safety of you, your family or your company that may be on the line. Security guards provide a higher degree of prevention from incidents and problems with their presence, training and technology.  Overton Security has been working with individuals and companies since the 1990’s to meet all of their safety needs.

Tips for Choosing Security Guards in Sacramento

  1. Start with an understanding of your security issues. Make a list of all the areas where there is a safety concern or a security need. Take a walk through the building to discover what security protocols you want to address.
  2. Research the companies in the area. Talk to friends, family and colleagues to discover who they are using to meet their security needs. Find out all of the pros and cons of the different security guards they have employed. Contact the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any reports against the company that you are considering. You will also want to ask and see if any of those reports were resolved. Sometimes the way a company handles a problem tells more than if there was never a problem.
  3. Meet with the security companies to see which will best fit with your company and your needs. You will be able to find out what services they provide, what contracts are available and also what financial obligations will come from your side.
  4. Ask for references – specifically from any company or individual that had a problem. You need to learn from someone’s firsthand experience how the security guards in the company handle incidents and react in situations.
  5. Visit a location that currently employs security guards in Sacramento. Watch the security guards in action. See if their behavior and attitudes would fit in with your own company’s policies and environment.

Security is important in the business world, the corporate world and in life in general. You will need to invest some time and energy into finding the right security company to meet your entire security requirement. Overton Security wants to help you in the process. They have the staff that can provide you with information and guidance to create a solid security plan. Finding the best security guards in Sacramento will start with researching the different companies in the area to find the one that has all of the qualities that you seek.

What to Expect from Security Guards in Oakland

Security has become a top issue and when it comes to security guards in Oakland you need to know what to expect. The number of companies that provide private and corporate security protection seems to be at an industry high. Unfortunately all security companies are not created equal. Overton Security has been serving the community since the late 1990’s. Their staff will help you understand your needs and what you can expect when it comes to hiring security.

Top Qualifications for Security Guards in Oakland

  • Understanding in the up-to-date policies and procedures of the companies and individuals receiving protection.
  • Continued training for all security guards that keeps them aware of technology, techniques and even paperwork.
  • Meeting of certification and licensing requirements for all employees.

Common Services of a Security Company

  • The monitoring of activity in a company or around the company may be done with the use of cameras, through patrols or a combination of the two.
  • Exits and entries are also monitored either by a person check or through the use of scanners. This may also include searching through lunches, bags or simply reminding employees or guests to put their badges on in a place that is easily visible.
  • Security guards in Oakland may also act on any suspicious activities or behavior through recordings or other means necessary. They may also step in to prevent certain activities that are prohibited in or around the company (such as photography or even recording).
  • Performing of background checks has almost become standard practice for companies.
  • Security guards in San Jose are trained to observe and report on any incident or offense that occurs while they are on duty.

It is important to remember that security guards are NOT peace officers. Many receive the same, or similar, training and even hold similar jobs. Being a security guard comes with a great deal of responsibility. Overton Security is determined to maintain the top security guards in their employment.

There are certain jobs you can expect when it comes to employing private security. You will have someone that can help monitor situations and even report on any incidents that might occur. Security companies will be able to help with background checks of potential employees, current personnel and even visitors to the company. In the end, security guards in San Jose are brought into the situation to help be a preventative measure to ensure against any problems or incidents.

How to Choose a Security Company in San Jose

Discovering the right security company in San Jose starts with knowing what you need. There are a wide range of companies in the community. The protection that they provide starts with security guards and goes all the way up to sophisticated monitoring equipment. Overton Security has been serving San Jose for over a decade and this family-based company wants to help you discover and meet your security needs.

Understand Your Security Company Needs in San Jose

  1. What is your budget? The sky is the limit when it comes to private security, but the cost rises as the protection tightens. You need to determine the amount of finances that can be dedicated to security issues.
  2. What are your most pressing security issues? Make a list of all the security concerns you have about your situation. Rank the concerns in their order of importance. Having a focused idea of what you need will help you find the security company in San Jose that will best suit those needs.
  3. What are the time parameters for your security needs? Write down days, times and length of security coverage that you expect in your future. You will want to choose a security company in San Jose that can meet your schedule and that will also be in a position to stay on the project until its completion.
  4. What are your expectations when it comes to security coverage? Protection means different things to different people. You will help serve your interests and meet your needs if you make a list of those things that you expect a security company to do for you. The list will also help you talk to companies to see if those expectations are even possible.

Security can be a serious matter. It may be that you or your family needs to be protected. A company or product may require additional security for a specific period of time. You may just want to hire one-night security for an event. There are a wide number of reasons to hire security and just as many security options to match those reasons.

Knowing your needs will take you a long way toward choosing the right company. No matter what your situation, Overton Security can help you discover the right answers. Answering a few questions and taking the time to think through your security issues will help choose the security company in San Jose that will be best suited to match all the points on your list.