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Industrial/Commercial Security

Overton Security provides our Security Officers with the right tools, the latest technology, and the essential training required to service all your security needs.

Overton Security will provide on-site security officers as well as dedicated vehicle patrol services to commercial or industrial facilities. All security officers will be trained for site-specific duties. Duties may include gate access and traffic control, parking enforcement, receptionists, roving vehicle and foot patrols, CCTV monitoring, and access badge control. Overton Security, with our specialized technology, equipment, and training, enables our officers to protect and secure large commercial and industrial areas with consistent coverage. Our officers are constantly monitored from our Communication and Monitoring Center 24/7 in real-time.  Roving supervisors from our Vehicle Patrol Service will support all security officers posted at your site.

Overton Security will provide your facility with professional, well-trained, equipped, and uniformed security officers during times you designate. Each security officer is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with the post-site requirements.

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We Take Care of All Your Security Needs


We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

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