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Our Professionals will meet all your Executive Protection Security Needs

Overton’s Executive Protection Agents keep at-risk individuals out of harm’s way. Trained in pro-active protection procedures that are designed to recognize, analyze, and neutralize threats before they become problems. Conflict resolution, professionalism, discretion, and, above all, sound judgment distinguish each Overton Executive Protection Agent.

Overton Security Executive Protection Agents are highly trained, with most having law enforcement backgrounds, are licensed to carry concealed weapons and will focus on preventing the incident from escalating. If an incident escalates to an extent that there is no other choice other than to use force to directly protect lives, the officer is very well trained to react only with the force that is necessary.

Security is always too intrusive…until it wasn’t enough.

Shareholder/Board Meeting

Overton will work with clients to develop and implement security protocols for management, shareholder and board meetings that are highly effective and minimally intrusive. Trained in many security disciplines, our executive protection agents work closely with clients to provide security that is evident while remaining as indiscernible as possible.


Company employee downsizing can become an emotional time and may bring about a hostile reaction toward management and HR personnel. Our Executive Protection Agents will focus on preventing any incident form escalating and are specifically proficient in conflict resolution. If there are disruptions in the process, our Executive Protection Agents will ensure the safety of the stakeholder(s).

Physical Threat

Our disciplined executive protection personnel are prepared to take action at a moment’s notice, safeguarding individuals or companies that have been physically threatened or at risk due to close proximity to a hostile environment. Although licensed to carry concealed weapons, our Executive Protection Agents are trained to react only with the necessary force.

Escort Service

Overton agents have the capability to provide escort services to individuals or groups, insuring the utmost safety of all persons they are tasked with protecting. Our agents will assess threats, analyze locations and routes, as well as craft itineraries that are efficient and secure. Our Executive Protection Agents will also take operational responsibility for the transportation.

Hostile Termination

Overton will provide Executive Protection Agents when there is reason to believe that the termination of an employee may, by nature, have a propensity toward violence. Our agents will blend in with the client’s workplace environment but remain close enough to be called upon when needed. At your request, the employee will be escorted to his vehicle.

We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

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