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Healthcare Services Security

Overton Security provides our Security Officers with the right tools, the latest technology, and the essential training required to service all your security needs.

Healthcare facilities require security officers to provide customer service in a professional manner and in support of hospital guidelines, values, and policies.  Security must comply with hospital and healthcare security protocols and communicate positively with staff, visitors, and patients.  Security must minimize disruption, react proactively to reduce potential acts of aggression or violence, and reduce the loss of assets while enhancing patient and employee safety.  Officers are trained in accordance with IAHSS protocols as well as state and federal requirements and will comply with TJC Environment of Care safety and security requirements.  Training includes CPR/First Aid/AED certification, crisis management, conflict resolution, public relations, legal authority, and other specific training required for the designated site post.  Overton Security’s officers are highly trained and supervised for the healthcare industry.

Overton Security will provide your facility with professional, well-trained, equipped, and uniformed security officers during times you designate. Each security officer is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with the post-site requirements.​

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We Take Care of All Your Security Needs


We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

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