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We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

At Overton Security, our clients, whom we serve, stand as our most precious assets. Our dedication and commitment to quality provide our clients with the best possible service available. 

Our staff of industry experts have the knowledge and experience to solve any problem and answer any questions you may have, as if you were the only client we serve. A live individual will always answer our phone in a timely manner and be able to provide immediate assistance. Overton Security provides security services for many of the most well-known companies in the areas we service. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, international airports, the State of California, hospitals, municipalities, and utilities to small and medium-sized organizations, both public and private. We will gladly provide contact and reference information upon request.

Our History

Best Company Value Through Business

Overton Security Services is a family owned and operated security provider servicing Northern, Central and Southern California. 

In 1999, Ms. Sandy Overton acquired a local security company in Fremont, California, established in 1995.  From this modest beginning, Overton Security Services has grown to be one of the largest and most respected security providers in their service areas across the state of California. To better serve our growing client list from San Diego to Redding, Overton Security has established offices in Sacramento, Pleasanton, and Los Angeles. Our major goal is professionalism in all areas.  Our greatest strength is that we demonstrate consistent dedication to the clients we serve. We treat all our officers as a natural resource and rely on their training, skills, and commitment to uphold the highest standards of professionalism. This ensures that our clients receive unparalleled service, and our unwavering dedication to their satisfaction remains our cornerstone.

What We Do

Overton Security provides the most highly motivated, supervised and trained security officers in the industry.

Overton Security is a vital link in deterring criminal activity and threats against the clients we serve. Overton Security will provide well-trained and supervised security guards utilizing the latest technology, combined with highly experienced managers, to tailor a security program for each client’s safety and security needs. Our security officers are trained to protect your assets, personnel, and property from all natural, accidental, or intentional threats as well as unauthorized activity.  The foundation of our security team consists of skilled, experienced managers who regularly supervise and train our staff in order to ensure the accountability of our service. Overton Security provides on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of our security program and will manage and adjust service enhancements as needs dictate and evolve.


Overton Security places great emphasis on professional uniform appearance.


Overton's Executive Protection Agents can deliver an elevated level of security as the situation demands.


Overton Security enjoys one of the largest vehicle security patrol services in Northern California.


Our NFC and GPS technologies allow you to confirm the movements of our officers at any time.

Sandy Overton

Connecting with the Future of Security, Today!

Security for American business has changed considerably in the past few years and will keep changing as technologies and needs grow.  Security that was considered standard or reasonable a short time ago would not be acceptable today.  In the future, the specific functions and responsibilities for security solutions will evolve and become more dynamic.  We now have the capability to offer our clients, as it happens, accountability for our services in real-time.  With the new smart phone NFC technology, we are able to confirm almost immediately that our officers have arrived on time and are completing their patrols on schedule.  Our new technology allows us to deliver the highest quality of security services every day, at every location, for every customer we serve.  After all, this is what our customers expect and deserve.

We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

For the fastest service, please call us at (510) 791-7380, and in most cases, we can give you a price quote for our services over the phone. Written price quotes can be e-mailed or faxed the same day.


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