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Security Guard Training


Quality Assurance & Accountability Starts With Training

At Overton Security, our standard of service begins and ends with being committed to a high standard of training and supervision for our security officers.  Our security officers must show a commitment to being professional, competent, responsive, and dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our training programs focus on training and constantly retraining our security officers to be prepared to perform the duties they are assigned with confidence. A multi-tiered evaluation and measurement of our training process supports our performance standards, which are among the best in the industry.

Quality Assurance & Accountability Starts With Training

Training at a High Level

At Overton Security, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous training and supervision standards for security officers. We demand a steadfast dedication to professionalism, competence, responsiveness, and exceeding client expectations from our security personnel. Our training programs prioritize continuous preparation and retraining to instill confidence in our officers to effectively fulfill their assigned duties. Renowned for industry-leading performance standards, our training processes undergo meticulous multi-tiered evaluations and measurements.

Pre-Assignment Training

In-house certified trainers in CPR, AED, and first aid will certify Overton Security Officers. All site-specific security officer training required by CCSD be conducted by qualified instructors prior to being posted on site. All officers will be issued post-orders that outline the specific security.

On-Site Training Supervisor

While pre-assignment training provides a basis, it is only the beginning. Each client’s requirements are unique, so much of the specific training must take place on the job site. Each new security officer is assigned to train with a member of our supervisory staff.

Advanced Training for Certification

Advanced Training is also needed by personnel to develop additional professional skill proficiency, leading to testing and certification. Our security officers are required to take refresher course training to acquire added knowledge and guard against complacency in job performance.

Our Security Officers Training Curriculum Includes:

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