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Event & Temporary Security

Overton Security provides our Security Officers with the right tools, the latest technology, and the essential training required to service all your security needs.

Effective security reassures the public without detracting from the event’s image or inconveniencing the attendees. To achieve this balance, the event planner should select an experienced security company that has management experience and properly trained security personnel to provide for the safety and security of event attendees.  Overton Security will focus on advance planning, threat assessment, crowd control, and, when necessary, crisis response.  A broad range of security resources are available to meet the needs of charity events, sporting events, political events, and other specific venues where there is a high degree of interaction with the public and a secure environment is needed.  Our personnel will always be polite and act in a professional manner at all times, staying alert for any potential disruptions throughout the event process.

Overton Security will provide your facility with professional, well-trained, equipped, and uniformed security officers during times you designate. Each security officer is issued a uniform wardrobe and equipment consistent with the post-site requirements.

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We Take Care of All Your Security Needs


We Take Care of All Your Security Needs

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