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Office Building Security Tips From Overton Security

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Office building security must work to prevent crime and unauthorized visitors while protecting the privacy of building businesses. Effective security protects the interests of the building owners while keeping tenant assets safe and secure. The following are a few simple tips that will help you take charge of your security.

Building security is an important issue facing owners and tenants. As criminals will always pick the most vulnerable targets, it is important to make it clear that you take security very seriously.

  • Don’t open your door to a visitor relying on the chain lock for protection without verifying the identity of the visitor. Exterior doors should be steel or fiberglass rather than wood and have solid cores. If possible, avoid doors with glass panels, install Gate 1 locks when high-level security is required, and make sure roof hatches and access doors have latches or locks.
  • Consider adding a wireless alarm system to notify security when an entrance has been breached.
  • When you have a “gatekeeper,” such as a receptionist or security guard, posted in the lobbies or entrances, you should provide a hidden emergency assist button to call for help if needed.
  • Outside walls should be painted a light color to reflect light, and landscaping needs to be well lit to discourage trespassing and criminal activity as well as make visitors feel safe.
  • Mounting CCTV cameras around the exterior of the building and all access doors with a DVR or digital recording. Do not install dummy cameras; this gives a false perception of security that does not exist.
  • Create an action emergency plan for addressing all unexpected events such as assault, bomb threats, natural disasters, shooters, floods, labor unrest, and fire.
  • Have set up evacuation assembly areas around the property so that security, management, or maintenance personnel can direct people to gather for safety and accountability.
  • If possible, trash bins or skips should be located at least 100 feet from the building structure, as they offer a good place for illegal dumping, hiding a bomb, or starting a fire.
  • A security and safety check list that includes physical security items such as fire extinguishers, lighting, blocked exits, evacuation signage, access control, and elevator maintenance, as examples, should be generated and periodically checked on a set schedule.
  • Building parking lots presents excellent opportunities for car thieves. There are a lot of cars to choose from, and it could be hours before the theft is discovered.  Take precautions by parking as close to the building as possible and ensuring that your alarm is armed.
  • In many areas the police no longer respond to alarms and criminals know this.  To discourage crime on your property, contract with a local security patrol company to respond to all alarms.
  • For monthly cost security companies will randomly patrol your property on off hours and post signs around your property warning trespassers to seek easier targets.  Their response to alarms is normally included in the monthly cost.
  • Please take these security tips seriously…They are simple but effective.

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